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Below is the letter I prepared to organize this massive effort to bring a STEM program to hundreds of thousands of youth.

I’m Ken Lyons, KN4MDJ, and run the BSA Central Florida Councils – Radio Scouting program for 26,000 scouts in 9 counties and helped restart our council program. In this new appointment my goal is to “Promote Radio Scouting activities and opportunities in both the Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs covered by the Division.” To that end I’m seeking assistance and information from the entire area.

My program restart plan is two waves.
First: Reach out to the ARRL clubs (& POTA/SOTA groups) in the target council area, get a level of support and mobilize them to be able to host a field day type event, followed by a radio merit badge and FCC tech session, creating a path for interested scouts to follow. Without interested hams, volunteers, or scouters there is no support network in the council area.
To build a contact list I’m asking (via
- A rep for each club
- any active scouters that we know about in the areas
- any radio merit / stem badge counselors in the areas.
With that I can target individual council areas for the program plan.

Second: Once enough support is in the area, and the plan is feasible, I reach out to the council youth program directors and offer the event plan. Bringing/restarting a BSA program to a BSA councils and a STEM program for GSUSA.

The event plan: Setup a display/booth at the next large council event where the hams can demonstrate and educate before the hundreds or thousands of youth. Start with a short history, SOS on a CW key, brief about the program badges and some air time. Pretty much what all programs offer on JOTA. Offer the radio/stem badge at a later set date, followed by the Tech Lic. Then it's up to the local program director if the event was a positive success and if it should be continued on a schedule. WB4SA is willing to extend our offer to provide a free UV5R/UV82 to all new licensed scouts and possible college scholarships from local supporters in their area. [Clubs and hams in the area could assist on this front to.]

I know it won't happen overnight and may take years to build up council by council, but once one goes I foresee their neighbors wanting to try it. Council camps seem competitive with each other, especially if we are offering a free STEM program with no labor or cost to the councils. That is a major selling point for getting councils onboard.

73 & YIS (yours in scouting),
Ken Lyons, KN4MDJ / Trustee for wB4SA,
BSA - Central Florida Council - www.RadioScouting.US/cfc
ARRL Southeastern Assistant Division Director - Radio Scouting,
"Bringing Amateur Radio Scouting programs to a half million scouts in AL, GA, FL, PR, USVI"

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